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We Specialize in Tungsten Scrap Reclamation

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We Specialize in Tungsten Scrap Reclamation

Tungco has specialized in tungsten reclamation for over 50 years. As a global leader in the tungsten recycling industry, Tungco supplies truckload quantities of material in the tungsten family of metals as well as tungsten carbide grit, thermal spray powder, and tungsten carbide composite rod to customers in a variety of industries. Our team is made up of some of the most knowledgeable tungsten specialists in the industry.

Globally, there are thousands of tons of tungsten scrap generated from industries such as oil and gas, machining, thermal spray, aerospace, energy, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and other tooling industries. These industries use tungsten in their daily operations and are left with a large amount of tungsten waste. At Tungco, our suppliers can trade their scrap for revenue and in return we will recycle these tungsten scraps into reusable material.

Tungco has operations strategically located in North America and Europe to effectively serve suppliers and customers worldwide.

At Tungco, we value our relationships. Ensuring that our suppliers, and customers, receive the highest level of service through every point in the process is very important to us.

One of our core values at Tungco is to do “Whatever it Takes.” Let us prove it to you, it’s as simple as a price quote.

<span>About</span> Company

Words from Chairman

<span>Words from</span> Chairman

When I look back over the years I do see some disappointments, some regrets, and certainly some mistakes. Many of the choices I made were dumb and were failures. Even with that said, I do not look back today and feel any disappointment for not trying.

2019 began our 50th year in business. Through the years we have ridden out many waves in the market, as that is what markets tend to do. Sometimes, we were only surviving and at other times, we were thriving. All the while we have maintained our goal of growing the

business and capturing market share. Much of our growth and success has been found by keeping our core focus on tungsten and the recycling of it. Our persistence over the years has led us to our current position in the global tungsten market.

My heart is full of thanks and gratitude to my team, both present and past, and to customers and suppliers we have worked with over the last half century. I am excited and look forward to what the future holds.

Steve Nance
<span>Steve</span> Nance
Steve Nance

Steve Nance, founder of Tungco Incorporated, started recovering tungsten while in high school at Madisonville North Hopkins. He graduated from there in 1971 and continued education at Madisonville Community College and the University of Kentucky for two more years. Steve went to work for GTE/American Mine Tool from 1984-1986. After returning to Tungco full time he and his team started manufacturing mine drill bits as well as recycling tungsten. This led to the formation of Cuda Tools, Inc. in 1996. Cuda International LLC was then formed in West Virginia, which manufactured drill bits and Cuda Canada, manufactured tungsten wear products. Steve co-founded Tungco Powder Procurement, the sludge and powder division in 2009 as well as 74 Alloys, the Tungsten Alloys division in 2014. With Steve’s help, the Global division, Tungco Worldwide was started in 2015. As of today, Steve Nance stands as the Chairman of our company.

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As 2019 came to a close, it marked a major milestone for Tungco with 50 years in business. Chairman and founder, Steve Nance is proof that success is no accident. Through the many past stories and his on-going commitment still today, he has demonstrated hard work, perseverance, continued learning and sacrifice. The Tungco staff are compelled to follow his example to keep the company thriving for another 50 years.
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<span>See How It All</span> Started

What We Do

Tungco Incorporated is leading the tungsten recycling industry. We specialize in various types of tungsten scrap materials, including tungsten carbide solids, sludge, powder, filters and tungsten based alloys. Tungco has been recycling tungsten for over half a century and can provide you with exceptional customer service.
Behind Tungco Inc.
Behind Tungco Inc.
<span>Meet Our</span> Tungco Family

Meet Our Tungco Family

Chairman, Steve Nance and his father, James Nance began reycling tungsten in 1969. Over the years, Tungco has expanded into one of the largest tungsten secondary raw materials suppliers in the world.

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