There is opportunity where there is challenge.
There is opportunity where there is challenge.

There is opportunity where there is challenge.

Mar 10, 2021

There is opportunity where there is challenge.

As of recent, since our world was hit with a Global Pandemic, it seems like we are trying to figure out how to manage change. We have this natural desire to be comfortable and change is not comfortable for most of us.

But that’s life right?

We have a plan.

Most plans do not predict all variables. Often times our expectations are not met. It’s what we do next that is the most crucial.

We have a choice. We can choose to complain and share the negative or pivot our plan and actions to make the best of what has changed. Remember, there is opportunity where there is challenge.

As a believer in Christ Jesus, I am reminded every day God has a plan for me and it is not the plan I can always see, manage, control or sometimes want for myself. I have changed my prayers from, “Lord bless me,” to “Let me be a blessing to someone.” It doesn’t come from a place of arrogance, but more of a don’t let myself, my emotions, my expectations or my burdens get in the way of appreciating people and the beauty we can create no matter the situation.

I am not sure who could have predicted the Covid-19 pandemic or what steps we could have taken to prevent it. Either way, this pandemic has given us a choice. The choice comes down to attitude. Do we complain and mope or accept and make a new plan?

For Tungco, we have trade shows upcoming in 2021 that will be “virtual.” As of today, I do not fully understand what that means. In this change, our team will find some opportunities.

My hope is that our Tungco family will make the best of these opportunities to reconnect with old and new relationships. We are currently scheduled to have a virtual booth at the ISRI Convention in April.

Our team is not on the road as much as we would like to be. Shaking hands and sharing meals with customers and suppliers has turned into emails, texts, calls and the occasional snail mail.

We didn’t and couldn’t plan for the changes in our plans this year, but my hope is that we make the best of what we do have.

I encourage people take advantage of the new plans we have been given and the opportunity we have to create new plans for ourselves, our coworkers, our families and our futures.

We have opportunities to grow, to provide leadership, to lend a helping hand and to learn from what life has handed us. We also have a chance to not take for granted the things we are now aware of.

We have plenty of opportunities to complain about longevity of the pandemic, current politics or a host of other real problems we’re facing today. My hope is that with we have learned to enjoy the time we do have and the blessings we all have and share with each other.

Brice Littlepage – Tungco President

There is opportunity where there is challenge.