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Feb 05, 2021

During sensitive times of uncertainty, carriers continue to struggle with COVID’s impact on their work force. Spot market rates have increased drastically as capacity tightens to new extremes. Logistics oriented strategies have shifted as flexibility is now a mandatory requirement. The current market has truly shown the importance of having loyal carrier relations.

Disruption will likely continue for months ahead, and alternative solutions are slim. Our focus at Tungco is maintaining loyal relations with preexisting carriers, attempting to provide ample lead-time more than ever before. This applies to all methods of transportation. International shipping has experienced the most dramatic shift, globally, due to rail congestion, port congestion and truck capacity. Again, providing lead-time for carriers is imperative during this market. We appreciate our network of carriers and are very fortunate to have a sense of sustainability throughout the pandemic.

Asset based carriers are thriving as 3PL’s struggle to honor commitments. Supporting local business has proven advantageous in the past, but more prevalent now than ever. Strong partnerships will always remain the key facet of maintaining a resilient supply chain. I encourage showing appreciation to any carrier that exists as the true backbone to your order fulfillment.

Every industry has experienced new challenges in light of current events, sometimes you have to keep your head high, and keep on trucking!

Brandon Keith, Logistics Manager

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