Ryan Sizemore – Chief Sales Officer
Ryan Sizemore – Chief Sales Officer

Ryan Sizemore – Chief Sales Officer

Employee Features
Mar 23, 2018



Chief Sales Officer – Tungco Inc.

“Cliff Nance and I were 12 years old when Steve (founder) asked us if we wanted to make some money working at Tungco during the summer. Of course, we said yes! From 12 to 18 years old, I worked in production and did several different jobs from cleaning and sorting scrap to swinging a sledge hammer.

When I started college, I transitioned into accounting which opened a lot of doors for me here. In 2004, my role started to change when I began managing our crushing division. During that time, I was responsible for the sales, inventory control, and oversight of that division.

In 2009, Tungco branched out and started a new company called Tungco Powder Procurement. My responsibilities began to incorporate all that I had learned over the years including my accounting and procurement skills. I served the company as Vice President of Tungco Powder Procurement until 2019.  My title now stands as Chief Sales Officer.”

The many years of experience here at Tungco have given Ryan invaluable experience and wisdom in the Tungsten Industry. His knowledge is extremely important in every aspect of what we do.

Good relationships start with “good people skills” which is one of Ryan’s best qualities. This quality has been a great factor in contributing to his success in sales and in his positions as Vice President of Tungco Powder Procurement and Chief Sales Officer. His natural ability to develop and sustain relationships with customers, influence and inspire our Tungco team. We all appreciate his extraordinary capability to remember the very significant details that are important to the lives of others.

“No” is a word you will rarely hear Ryan say. He is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand, show his support, offer his advice and guidance, regardless of his own schedule and plans. He is described as “selfless” by the Tungco office staff. His concern for the happiness and welfare of other people has been demonstrated time after time. We are proud to have Ryan Sizemore as part of our team.


Before working at Tungco, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
I’ve worked at Tungco since I was 12, so maybe taking out the trash or cleaning my room?

What do you like most about Tungco?
Relationships. The people I work with that are employed by Tungco, are like my family. If you spend any time at the office, you can tell a very distinct family dynamic with everyone here. We do life together. In Sales, I get the opportunity to have relationships with our customers and I enjoy that. It’s a lot of fun getting to know my customers, their families, hobbies, etc. It makes life more interesting and enjoyable

What is your proudest moment at Tungco?
I have had a lot of proud moments here. It would be very difficult to narrow it down to one specific moment. I will say, I am most proud when I am sitting with a customer or supplier and they say “no one can do what you guys (Tungco) do”. To be a part of that for over 20 years and to participate in our growth makes me proud of our team.

If your house was burning down, what is the one non-living thing you would save?
Does insurance cover a bourbon collection?

What does true leadership mean to you?
True leadership is when people voluntarily follow someone or something because they are completely sold out to accomplishing the mission of the movement, idea, or goal. Leaders create the vision and motivate people to move it forward.

You’re happiest when?
I love to talk, laugh, joke, and see people be happy. I’m happiest when the people around me are happy!

Ryan Sizemore – Chief Sales Officer