Daniel Mercer – Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Mercer – Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Mercer – Chief Financial Officer

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Apr 25, 2018




In 2013, Daniel was welcomed into the Tungco group. His eager attitude and his considerable amount of potential allowed him the ability to learn and grow within the company.

“Dedicated” best describes Daniel’s quality of commitment to the Tungco company. His persistence and determination allows for successful achievements of his given task. Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and innovative when it comes to finance. He is always willing to do “whatever it takes” and to branch out of his comfort zone on any requests that are made of him.

We are all impressed by Daniel’s intelligence and vast amount of accounting skills, but truly love his sometimes hidden, “down to earth” personality. He possesses a natural ability to be genuine and straightforward. As a man of high morals and strong values, he is always trying to better himself as well as Tungco.We are fortunate to have Daniel Mercer as part of our Tungco group.

Daniel is tenacious and tireless in efforts to make the most beneficial decisions for the profitability of the company

I worked for Alexander, Toney & Knight, while attending college and through July 2013. During this time, I was introduced to Tungco, and more specifically Steve, Cliff, Ryan, and other members of the Tungco family. God’s perfect plan, while not always easy to see or understand, became clear to me the day after my final CPA exam section results came back 1 point shy of passing. It was at this time, I knew my calling was in a position outside of the public accounting world and that God would show me the next door that I was to walk through. After months of prayer, I caught wind of a potential opening in the accounting department at Tungco. At this time I contacted Steve and expressed my interest in coming to work for Tungco and becoming a part of the Tungco family. Two weeks later, on July 29th, 2013, my career at Tungco officially began and I never looked back. From there, I spent the first year and a half as a staff accountant working on the day-to-day bookwork for Tungco. In 2015 I received the title Director of Finance for the entire Tungco Group, which entailed a more detail oriented approach to our entire financial operation. In 2017, I received the title Chief Financial Officer and currently oversee our group’s financial performance while focusing on growth and wealth sustainability inside the Tungco family.”


How do you balance your career at Tungco and family?

This has been a hard task to accomplish and one I am still working on each week. As I mentioned above, Tungco is not your typical corporate operation because it is, and has been for 49 years now, a place where everyone is family. The foundation for where Tungco is today didn’t happen by chance, it happened because of God’s blessing and countless sacrifices made by those here long before me. My family has supported me since day one of my move to Tungco and they are my reason behind becoming the best man that I can be every day. I want my wife, son, and daughter to see a husband and father that they are proud of so I try to put in as much effort in being a husband and father as I do being the CFO at Tungco.

How has Tungco helped you in your career development?

Tungco has taught me the value of relationships and how these relationships can help achieve our long term growth and financial goals. I was involved in the setup of Tungco Worldwide in Ireland, and prior to this I had no idea what setting up a foreign subsidiary entailed. Hopefully, I can take that lesson learned and apply it to other regions as we continue to look for growth opportunities.

How do you define success?

Success to me is being a husband that Lauren Jill can admire and be proud of. It is being the father and husband that Tate wants to be like one day. It is being the father and husband that Liv would want to marry one day.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

The love of a father. I lost my dad when I was 17. It wasn’t until Tate and Liv were born that I fully understood just how much a father loves his children and what all a father will do to make sure his kids are proud of him.

Three words to best describe you?

Witty, Sarcastic, Determined.

What celebrity do people think you look like?

The only celebrity I’ve ever been told I look like is Martin from Duck Dynasty. I am hoping this is because of how our beards, or lack thereof, resemble.

Daniel Mercer – Chief Financial Officer