Why Are Tungsten Carbide Inserts So Useful?
Why Are Tungsten Carbide Inserts So Useful?

Why Are Tungsten Carbide Inserts So Useful?

Nov 10, 2017

Tungsten carbide inserts are extremely helpful for dozens of business owners, construction workers, and many more people across the world.

But why are tungsten carbide inserts so great?

  • Carbide inserts are very efficient and cost effective compared to similar tools.
  • Tungsten carbide material is extremely durable and results in a much longer working life.
  • Tungsten carbide actually comes in over a dozen different grades, which can all be used for various applications.
  • Tungsten carbide materials produce a much better surface finish quality when used as cutting tools, too.

Additionally, carbide recycling materials like tungsten carbide inserts have so many uses, making these materials an essential part for many businesses. Let’s take a closer look.

Surgical Tools
So many medical professionals rely on accurate and durable tools for all kinds of medical procedures and tungsten carbide is one of the most popular. Surgical tools are one of the most notable uses for carbide. Although the base of the tool itself is typically crafted with titanium or stainless steel, the tip of the tool’s blade or the end of the utensil is made from tungsten carbide.

For both jewelry shaping and the jewelry itself, tungsten carbide is a great material for jewelers across the globe. Because tungsten falls just behind diamonds on the Moh’s hardness scale, it’s a great material for wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry. Additionally, jewelers need to rely on efficient tools to work on these pieces and tungsten carbide is great for that. Tungsten jewelry looks nice, is extremely hard, and is often more cost effective than gold — what’s not to like?

Nuclear Science
Tungsten carbide is also used as an effective neutron reflector. This strong material has also been used during early investigations into nuclear chain reactions, specifically for weapons protection. Although this industry doesn’t use tungsten material as much as perhaps some of the others, it’s imperative that everyone handling any materials do so as delicately as possible.

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Why Are Tungsten Carbide Inserts So Useful?