Tungco: A Story of Innovation
Tungco: A Story of Innovation

Tungco: A Story of Innovation

Apr 16, 2014

The greatest businesses begin with a simple thought, an observation of a societal need and the innovative understanding of how to meet that need. In the fall of 1969 James Nance approached his son with one such thought. He saw the discarded Tungsten Carbide drill bits in the mines and thought, “Those are still worth money” he went home and asked his son if he would like to earn money for college and help him collect the drill bits.  Just one simple thought; not crazy but innovative; not unheard-of but under-utilized.  This thought would change James Nance’s family forever.  Forty-five years later, Tungco stands as one of the largest Tungsten Secondary Raw Materials supplier in the world.

At first – throughout the 1970’s – Tungco primarily specialized in the recycling of Tungsten from mining and drilling bits.  Tungco became incorporated in 1977 and moved to a new, larger facility in Hanson, Kentucky.  There were ups and downs in the company throughout the 80’s and 90’s including the addition and diversification of a drill bit manufacturing branch.

The new Millennium brought with it new levels of business and success.  In 2000 they purchased new acreage with an office complex and warehousing and in 2002 they purchased a neighboring 10,000 square foot production facility to accommodate other production lines.

They built their most recent facility in 2012 which provides over 6,000 square feet of office space and 19,000 square feet of warehouse.  They are constantly growing and changing with the same spirit of innovation with which Mr. Nance began Tungco – finding new ways to produce higher volumes of Tungsten in shorter time frames, thereby providing better pricing and pay-terms to their suppliers.

With Mr. Nance’s spirit of innovation, Tungco continues to grow and change.  Taking the next step in technology, Tungco introduces its brand new website, simple and focused just like the business itself – focusing its sights solely on Tungsten recovery.  You can find whatever you need to know about Tungco and its divisions – from Hard Scrap to Soft Scrap to alloys – and if you need to contact a specific person within the Tungco team you can find everyone’s contact info on the contact page. With this new website Tungco introduces its brand new division of expertise – 74alloys.

74alloys completes the Tungsten triumvirate, next to Tungsten Carbide Hard Scrap and Tungsten Carbide Soft Scrap, by specializing in all other types of Tungsten alloys – be it Heavy Metal, Densalloy, Mallory, Elkonite, Pure Tungsten, Tool Steels and any other alloys that would be found within or near the Tungsten family.  They buy domestically and internationally and will aid the seller with any logistics.

Lineage Metallurgical has been manufacturing in Baytown, TX since 1969. The company was purchased in 2020 by Tungco, Inc, making it a key part of the Tungco Group. Lineage Metallurgical, together with Tungco continue to be a world class leader in Thermal Spray Powders and continue to expand their capabilities.

Tungco is set apart by a spirit of innovation and a dedication to exceptional customer service. Steve Nance reflected upon the Tungco journey, “Who would have thought that my fathers curiosity would lead us to where we are today.  I am proud to say that this year Tungco will celebrate its 45th year in the Tungsten business.  My hope is to give assurance to our suppliers and customers that Tungco is in this for the long haul.”  Tungco creates relationships with each customer through integrity, quality products and first class service bringing each person into their innovative “business family.”

Tungco: A Story of Innovation