How Do You Ship Tungsten Carbide Scrap?
How Do You Ship Tungsten Carbide Scrap?

How Do You Ship Tungsten Carbide Scrap?

May 24, 2017

If you’re hoping to recycle any tungsten carbide hard scrap materials, you might be wondering about the shipping process. Learning the best way to ship carbide inserts, swarf, and tri-cone bits is important if you hope to sell your carbide, especially if you’re overseas or located in a different area from your carbide scrap purchaser.

Tungsten carbide comes in over a dozen grades and is used in a variety of industries. Because this metal is both incredibly tough and expensive to mine, there will always be a large and growing market for tungsten carbide scrap. As a result, it’s important that you know the ins and outs of shipping tungsten carbide.

Although you should feel free to contact our scrap recycling experts if you have any specific questions about shipping or selling your tungsten, both domestically or internationally, you should still have a general idea of how the process works.

Best practices for shipping tungsten carbide hard scrap materials:

You should use as many boxes as necessary to ship your tungsten. Your best bet, however, is to limit each box to only around 50 pounds of tungsten. This will ensure it’s not too heavy and that no serious problems occur during the actual shipment. For extra security, you might want to consider double boxing each part of your shipment so you can prevent in breaks and cracks that can result in loss of valuable hard scrap.

Of course, this is only a practical solution if you’re shipping a small quantity of hard scrap. If you’re shipping tons of metal, 50 pound boxes aren’t a practical solution. In this case, you’ll need to look into freight shipping rates.

Best practices for shipping tungsten sludge

There’s no single way to ship tungsten swarf, but you should always take special precautions when shipping liquid materials. As a result, the most common way to transport and ship tungsten sludge is through secure plastic barrels and drums. Typically, one or two barrels will suffice for an average shipment of sludge. It’s essential that you make sure your barrels are secure with strong strapping to ensure that there are no sludge spills during the shipment process.

Again, if you are dealing with overly heavy tungsten carbide hard scrap materials — or have any questions whatsoever — then it’s best to speak to our tungsten scrap recycling experts. If you want to learn more about recycling tungsten drill bits, carbide inserts, sludge, or any other form or grade of tungsten, contact Tungco today![:]

How Do You Ship Tungsten Carbide Scrap?