Ram Unveils New Luxury Tungsten Pickup Truck
Ram Unveils New Luxury Tungsten Pickup Truck

Ram Unveils New Luxury Tungsten Pickup Truck

Jul 27, 2017

Tungsten was discovered in 1781 but it took until the 1930s for this durable metal to finally start making its way into various industries. This strong material has been used in all kinds of ways to help various industrial, commercial, and agricultural industries succeed. Tungsten carbide recycling has even become extremely popular due to tungsten’s ability to be reused in high-quality ways.

Another major industry has recently been drastically impacted by the tungsten scrap carbide recycling process: the automobile industry.

The Limited Tungsten Edition Ram truck has hit the market and it looks as tough as it sounds.

According to the Detroit Free Press. this new pickup is not only strong, but it’s the “most luxurious Ram pickup ever.”

“The Limited Tungsten Edition is the highest trim level Ram has made available,” said Mike Manley, head of Ram. “Tungsten is considered a rare metal and known as one of the toughest things found in nature. The dense, heavy metal has the highest melting point of all the elements and is harder than steel.”

Over the years, truck buyers have scaled back on searching for the biggest and baddest trucks and have begun looking for more luxurious vehicles. This pickup, thanks to its sleek look and powerful feel as well as all the high tech accessories that come along with it, should do great at attracting all kinds of truck buyers.

Canadian news source Voice gave a detailed description of this new pickup truck:

The Tungsten Edition Ram has a sport hood, headlamps with black surrounding, the letters R-A-M across the tailgate, and is equipped with Satin-painted wheels with the highest-level trim available for the brand. In addition, the new pickup is also equipped with air suspension, navigational radio, backup camera, remote start, heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated seats, and power adjustable pedals with memory. The high-tech luxury Ram comes with the brand’s specialty RamBox for Heavy Duty 6-foot, 4-inch beds, as well.

Whether you got your hands on some tungsten carbide inserts and want to sell your scrap for some cash or just want to learn about the metal that has made its way into the automotive industry, contact Tungco today to learn more about the carbide recycling industry.

Ram Unveils New Luxury Tungsten Pickup Truck