Downward Trend in the Tungsten Carbide Scrap Market
Downward Trend in the Tungsten Carbide Scrap Market

Downward Trend in the Tungsten Carbide Scrap Market

Jun 12, 2015

The tungsten carbide scrap market has been softening for several months. If you are a trader of tungsten this is no news to you. Several factors go into scrap carbide pricing. A major factor in the recent downturn is that the companies who consume carbide scrap to recycle into reusable powders have found cheaper alternatives to tungsten carbide scrap. Tungsten ore and APT (ammonium para tungstate) have become available in large volume and at cheaper prices.

The availability and pricing of ore and APT has put tungsten scrap in a corner. Scrap consumers must show savings by using scrap over ore and APT in order to see the value in processing it. In order for tungsten carbide scrap to be relevant in their operations, the price must continue to come down.

What does the tungsten carbide scrap market softening mean for you?

When you sell your scrap you may see a noticeable price change from previous sales. Although this will cause some people to want to hold out on moving material, keep in mind that we may have not yet hit the bottom of our pricing. Our best advice is to stay abreast of the market changes by staying in touch with the purchasing departments at Tungco and TPP. We will help you to buy better in order to sell stronger and try to keep your margins in tact.

The potential time frame for a turn around is unknown. Projections show that over the next few years we should see some growth and hopefully more balance in the tungsten market.

We appreciate all of our suppliers and consumers. If you have any questions pertaining to selling your scrap or just about the tungsten market in general , feel free to give us a call.

Downward Trend in the Tungsten Carbide Scrap Market