Come Across Tungsten Metal? Consult Scrap Specialists
Come Across Tungsten Metal? Consult Scrap Specialists

Come Across Tungsten Metal? Consult Scrap Specialists

Aug 30, 2017

If you’re working in the mining industry or any field that deals with metals, there is a solid chance you’ll end up finding some tungsten carbide during your exploits. You should know, however, that you’re not just in possession of some invaluable resource; don’t just ignore any amount of tungsten.

Tungsten was discovered back in the 1700s and finally was implemented for industrial use in the 1930s. This extremely durable metal falls between 8.5 and 9 on Moh’s hardness scale, which is just under diamonds (at 10 on Moh’s scale). Compared to other strong materials, tungsten has twice the stiffness and density of steel and falls in between lead and gold.

Because this metal is so valuable for industrial use, there are tungsten carbide buyers who would love to work with you to acquire your new-found metal.

Whether it’s tungsten carbide inserts, sludge, or any other form of scrap, your best bet is to consult tungsten scrap specialists to find out exactly how much quality tungsten you actually have.

Depending on how much tungsten scrap you come across, you might be able to make a significant amount of money if you sell with a legitimate tungsten buyer. Again, talk to tungsten scrap specialists to go over scrap carbide prices and make sure you’re not being ripped off; but as long as you’re working with a legitimate tungsten company, you should be in good hands.

In addition to selling your carbide scrap, you can also have it fully recycled. Out of all the tungsten available for scrap on the market, roughly 66% of it is either recycled in the U.S. or overseas.

Whether you’re considering selling or having your tungsten scrap recycled, be sure to consult with tungsten scrap specialists so you can get the right dollar amount for your product. These specialists will also be able to correctly identify the exact tungsten content within your metal discovery, which will help you get a more accurate idea of the quality and quantity of your tungsten. Contact Tungco today to learn more.

Come Across Tungsten Metal? Consult Scrap Specialists