4 Popular Pieces of Tungsten Equipment
4 Popular Pieces of Tungsten Equipment

4 Popular Pieces of Tungsten Equipment

Feb 26, 2018

Tungsten is an extremely strong metal that has many uses. From tungsten carbide drill bits to steel alloys, this durable metal has dozens of uses that impact all kinds of industries around the world. In fact, this metal is so powerful that even tungsten carbide powder scrap is valuable.

That’s because tungsten only appears in its natural state when it is combined in four major mineral forms with either calcium, iron, or manganese. Yet whether it comes from the ground or recovered tungsten carbide inserts, scattered tungsten carbide powder, or recycled tungsten scrap, there are plenty of popular tools that rely on this powerful metal.

Here are some of the most popular pieces of equipment that rely on tungsten and tungsten carbide:

  • Tungsten carbide drills — There are plenty of different kinds of drill bits that are made up of all kinds of different materials, but tungsten carbide drill bits are extremely popular for the most heavy duty applications. Because of tungsten’s sheer strength and hardness, these drills are highly prized in the mining industry.
  • Tungsten carbide parting and boring equipment — The manufacturing sector relies on parting tools, and machine components made from tungsten carbide have proven to be extremely effective. Additionally, tungsten boring tools work great to ensure speed and reliability for all kinds of manufacturing tasks.
  • Tungsten carbide wear parts — Because so many industrial machines breakdown, wear parts are essential to provide quick and helpful repairs. Tungsten materials are great for ensuring a long and powerful operating life and will prevent fast tear to the rest of the machines.
  • Tungsten carbide inserts — Because a lot of other metals are very expensive, tungsten tips are excellent for both price and strength. While other materials are brittle and not as strong, carbide inserts are as powerful as they are durable.

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Whether you’re planning on selling tungsten carbide powder for cash, recycling it for other uses, or simply want to learn more about the growing tungsten industry, it’s important to work with a credible tungsten recycling company. If you want to find out more about tungsten and all its versatile uses, give Tungco a call right away.

4 Popular Pieces of Tungsten Equipment