2019 Porche Cayenne to Feature Tungsten Carbide Brakes
2019 Porche Cayenne to Feature Tungsten Carbide Brakes

2019 Porche Cayenne to Feature Tungsten Carbide Brakes

Oct 02, 2017

According to USA Today, the new Porsche model will not only have an advanced InnoDrive system that allows the driver-assist feature to electronically see 1.8-miles down the road, but will feature tungsten carbide brakes.

Tungsten carbide is roughly twice the stiffness and density of steel and finds itself halfway between lead and gold. Because this metal is so powerful and durable, it’s now being used as brakes in order to protect some of the most luxurious vehicles in the world.

Porsche’s new tungsten carbide brakes will significantly reduce fade and brake dust, subsequently keeping the vehicle protected and the driver safe.

Porsche has sold roughly 760,000 Porsche Cayennes internationally, but the 2019 model is expected to truly turn some heads on the market.

“Not only by power, but technology-wise, we have more high-end performance technology in the Cayenne than is in the Macan,” said Michael Steiner, Porsche’s research and development chief.

Car and Driver reports that because Porsche elected to go with powerful tungsten carbide material, the break life will likely be much longer. They can last up to 30% longer than iron brakes and much longer than other types of metals.

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2019 Porche Cayenne to Feature Tungsten Carbide Brakes