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The History Behind Tungco Powder Procurement
The History Behind Tungco Powder Procurement

The History Behind Tungco Powder Procurement

Aug 10, 2020

Tungco, Inc was founded in 1969 and grew through the years both in revenue and types of tungsten scrap that were being processed.  One of those scrap streams was tungsten laden soft scrap. In 2009, Steve and Cliff Nance decided it was time to put higher focus and more manpower behind the procurement and sale of this product, and that was the beginning of Tungco Powder Procurement. 

August of 2009, 40 years after Tungco opened its doors, Tungco Powder Procurement was formed.  Cliff Nance was the president and handled Sales and Operations, and Ryan Sizemore was directly responsible for procurement and financing.  TPP shipped their first load of secondary raw material that month and finished that year having positive growth in volume in just five months.  The years from 2010-2013, TPP experienced positive growth in volume every year, moved into a new facility, and added Gloria Chilcutt to handle finance and logistics.  In 2014, Ryan Sizemore began managing Sales exclusively and Rob Doner was hired to manage all procurement.  The addition of Gloria and Rob proved to be the tipping point needed to take the next step in growth for Tungco Powder Procurement.  The next five years, 2014 to 2019, the procurement department added various streams of material and products to TPP’s portfolio and again they experienced positive growth in both volume and revenue. 

Presently Tungco Powder Procurement is leading the industry in the recycling of tungsten laden scrap.  From its beginning in 2009 to today TPP has experienced growth in volume and revenue and product offerings.  TPP has moved into larger facilities twice in that time frame to accommodate the capacity needed for that growth and through the innovation of key employees, continues to grow in those areas.

Ryan Sizemore, Chief Sales Officer – Tungco, Inc.

The History Behind Tungco Powder Procurement
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