A Few Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Materials
A Few Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Materials

A Few Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Materials

Jun 26, 2017

There are so many benefits of tungsten carbide drill bits; from making a few bucks by selling them to a scrap recycling company to manufacturing durable tools for additional purposes, tungsten carbide material has become one of the more sought after products on the metal market.

Sell your tungsten carbide

If you have discovered a large batch of tungsten sludge, for instance, and you’re not in direct need of all that tungsten, you should know that there are plenty of people and companies across the world that certainly are. Tungsten is a hot commodity within industries that work with metal and recycling. Perhaps you’ve collected hundreds of durable tools over the years, many of which were produced using tungsten carbide. If you’re moving on from all those tools and want to make a nice profit, one of the benefits of tungsten carbide drill bits and other tools is that you can easily sell them and their carbide recycling materials to credible businesses.

Don’t just leave valuable tools and materials out to waste because you don’t need them anymore. Look up where you can take your tungsten carbide, gather all your tools and products together, ship them to their destination, and enjoy the extra cash you just made!

Recycling tungsten metal

Though selling your tungsten carbide is a great option if you have no use for it, recycling it can be just as effective and productive. Out of all tungsten that was available for scrapping purposes, roughly 66%, of it was either used in the U.S. or exported to be recycled. Since tungsten carbide can be shaped and crafted in over 12 different grades, it can be customized for use for all kinds of different applications. No matter what industry you’re working in, if you could use some form of tungsten, consider recycling it for a new application.

If you want to learn more about the various benefits of tungsten carbide drill bits, tungsten scrap, carbide inserts, the recycling process, or anything else pertaining to tungsten metal, contact Tungco today!

A Few Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Materials
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