74 Alloys | Scrap Tungsten Heavy Alloys
74 Alloys | Scrap Tungsten Heavy Alloys

74 Alloys | Scrap Tungsten Heavy Alloys

Aug 31, 2015

74 Alloys is a new company under the Tungco family, established in July 2014.  This company specializes in Tungsten Heavy Alloys referred to as WHA. W is the chemical symbol for Tungsten, H is heavy and A is alloys. 74 is the Atomic number of Tungsten.

WHA’s consist of, but not limited to: Densalloy, Mallory and Hevimet. These are three of the major WHA’s.

WHA’s are different from Tungsten Carbide because it lacks carbon, therefore the material is machinable.  Tungsten Heavy Alloys do still contain the density, heat resistance and non-corrosive just as Tungsten Carbide, but lacks the hardness.

Tungsten have Alloys are used in several different applications such as: Radiation Shielding, Aircraft Counterbalances, Oil Well Logging, Racing Weights, Boring Bars, Ordnance Applications for the Military. These are just a few applications.

Tungsten Heavy Alloys consist of 88-97% Tungsten with the balance being Iron/Nickel/Copper depending on the grade.  Some grades such as Densalloy, do not contain copper.

74 Alloys is aggressively looking for scrap Tungsten Heavy Alloys to buy.  Please contact Kent Sandiver at kvandiver@74alloys.com or mobile 270-871-7683

74 Alloys | Scrap Tungsten Heavy Alloys
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