Steve Nance – Chairman

Steve Nance, founder of Tungco Incorporated, started recovering tungsten while in high school at Madisonville North Hopkins. He graduated from there in 1971 and continued education at Madisonville Community College and the University of Kentucky for two more years. Steve went to work for GTE/American Mine Tool from 1984-1986. After returning to Tungco full time he and his team started manufacturing mine drill bits as well as recycling tungsten. This led to the formation of Cuda Tools, Inc. in 1996. Cuda International LLC was then formed in West Virginia, which manufactured drill bits and Cuda Canada, manufactured tungsten wear products. Steve co-founded Tungco Powder Procurement, the sludge and powder division in 2009 as well as 74 Alloys, the Tungsten Alloys division in 2014. With Steve’s help, the Global division, Tungco Worldwide was started in 2015. As of today, Steve Nance stands as the Chairman of our company.

Cliff Nance – CEO & President

Cliff Nance is owner and CEO of Tungco. As the son of the founder, he has filled many roles in 24 years; from the plant floor, to VP of Operations, to his present position. He was educated by the University of Kentucky in Business Administration, served 3 years with various charitable works in Lexington, KY and Columbus, Ohio. His passions are faith, family and community.

Kent Vandiver – Tungco – Vice President/Sales

Kent Vandiver is Vice President of Tungco, Incorporated. He has worked with Tungco for 40+ years, which has given him the advantage to learn the business from the ground up. His current responsibilities include sales of tungsten products worldwide. Kent has focused his career on building long term relationships with customers and suppliers with an attitude of ”Whatever It Takes”. To learn more about Kent, connect with him through LinkedIn or contact him at kvandiver@tungco.com.

Ryan Sizemore – TPP – Vice President/Sales

Ryan Sizemore has been with Tungco for 20+ years. In that time, he has served in production, finance, procurement, sales, and currently as Vice President of Tungco Powder Procurement. The overall scope of his responsibility is the day to day operations of TPP, focused heavily in the sales of several products created by Tungco. Ryan’s knowledge of the tungsten industry as well as his passion to create and sustain relationships with customers and suppliers have served he and Tungco well for many years. If you require more information, please contact him at rsizemore@tungco.com.

Markus Ewecker – TWW – Vice President / International Procurement

Markus Ewecker is Vice President at our subsidiary Tungco Worldwide Ltd.
One key area comprises procurement of secondary raw materials.
He graduated in Germany as merchant in wholesale and foreign trade in 1998.
He meets the daily challenges of business with passion and more than 20 years of experience.
If you require more information, please contact him at mewecker@tungco.com.

Adam Rubin –  Tungco Canada – Director

Adam Rubin has been in the Metal Recycling Industry for the past 20 years. His dedication and commitment to the Metals Market has brought him to Tungco where he serves as Director of Tungco Canada Ltd. His vast knowledge of Tungsten Carbide and Alloys, High Speed Steels and Specialty Alloys gives him a well-rounded view of the business. Adam also graduated with a BA in political science at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada along with a securities degree which was utilized in previous employments at big banks and trading houses in the financial sector. Adam’s knowledge of metals and previous financial experience has been a major contributor to the Tungco family. To learn more about Adam, connect with him through LinkedIn or contact him at arubin@tungco.com.

Daniel Mercer – Chief Financial Officer

Beginning his tenure with Tungco in 2013 Daniel Mercer has worked his way from Staff Accountant into his current position as Chief Financial Officer. As Chief Financial Officer Daniel oversees the Tungco group’s financial performance while focusing on strategic growth and wealth sustainability. Daniel is a graduate from Western Kentucky University’s Gordon Ford College of Business where he acquired a Bachelor’s degree with emphasis on Accounting. When Daniel is not analyzing margins, or developing financial and tax strategies he enjoys spending time with family and tournament bass fishing. To learn more about Daniel, connect with him through LinkedIn or contact him at dmercer@tungco.com.

Chad Ladd – Director of Accounting

Chad Ladd has roots that run deep into the Tungco organization. During his high school and college summers, he worked at the former Hanson, KY plant in production, and even in accounting. He graduated from Western Kentucky University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and was hired in an on-campus interview by Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. He spent the next 25 years performing auditing services in the insurance industry and working in public accounting. In March of 2014, he returned back to Tungco as was hired into a newly created position, Logistics Manager. Over the next four years he continued to take on new challenges and responsibilities, including management of inventory, processing of supplier settlements, managing accounts receivables and payables. This progression has led him to his most recent position as the Director of Accounting, which gives him the responsibility of the day to day accounting for all three US companies, as well as Tungco Worldwide, LTD, and providing support to the CFO.

Tom Baker – Chief Procurement Officer

Tom Baker is the Chief Procurement Officer for the Tungco group of companies.  He has built his decade spanning career with Tungco from the ground up.  Starting as a sorter, he made his way into logistics and procurement before being named the CPO in 2016.  His focus on supplier satisfaction is second to none. You can contact him at tbaker@tungco.com.

Stephanie Townsell – Accounts Payable / Human Resources

Stephanie Townsell has a Bachelor’s in Business from Murray State University. In 2015, she brought her previous experience in Banking and Recruiting to Tungco to fill roles in Accounting and Human Resources. Today, as Executive Assistant to our team of corporate officers, she continues to assist with Accounting and HR while providing support to the Officers for their travel, meeting, and office needs. To learn more about Stephanie, connect with her on LinkedIn or contact her at stownsell@tungco.com

Gloria Chilcutt – Marketing Director

Over the past 8 years, Gloria Chilcutt has worked in several different positons at Tungco. She now serves as the Marketing Director, providing oversight, direction and implementation of all creative operations for the Tungco group. Although she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Western Kentucky University, her love and skill for photography is utilized often for this organization. To learn more about Gloria, connect with her through LinkedIn or contact her at gchilcutt@tungco.com.

Rob Doner – Procurement

In March of 2014, Rob Doner joined Tungco to become a part of the procurement team. Although his emphasis is on soft scrap, he is knowledgeable in all forms of scrap materials handled by the Tungco Group. Rob has an extensive background in banking and finance and has a passion for building long-term relationships and offering exceptional service. To learn more about Rob, feel free to contact him at rdoner@tungco.com.

Josh McKnight – Grit Sales

Like several guys within our company Josh McKnight has worked at Tungco in many positions over the years. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Science and as of today, he handles Sales for Cuda Grit. During his off time, he is usually with his wife and 3 kids on the water somewhere or in the woods enjoying the outdoors. If you require more information, please contact him at jmcknight@cudagrit.com.

Brice Littlepage – Procurement Account Administrator

Brice Littlepage currently serves as the Purchasing Account administrator for the Tungco procurement team. He is responsible for all supplier settlements for Tungco Inc, Tungco Powder Procurement, 74 Alloys and Tungco Worldwide. Brice is serving in year three of his current position after working 10 years in college athletics. During this time, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Master’s in Leadership. If you require more information, please contact him at blittlepage@tungco.com.

Kristi Rudd – Administrative Assistant

Kristi Rudd started with the company in April of 2018. She began as the Administrative Assistant and now has added Accounting to that title. Her love for health and fitness has led her to also be a group fitness instructor. To learn more about Kristi, connect with her on Facebook or contact her a krudd@tungco.com.

Chris Capps – Tungco – Plant Manager

Chris Capps is currently serving as Plant Manager for Tungco at our Kentucky Facility where he manages all operations for Tungco, TPP, 74Alloys, and Cuda Grit. Chris has been working with us in a variety of capacities over the past 10 years. During this time, he also earned a Bachelor’s degree in business management from Murray State University. His work ethic, determination, and enthusiasm has greatly contributed to his success in both his personal life and professional career. Connect with Chris via LinkedIn or email ccapps@tungco.com.

Jimmy Greaney – TWW – Plant Manager

Jimmy Greaney has worked with Tungco since early 2016 as Plant Manager of our Ireland facility. He brings with him over 20 years of experience in production and logistics. Having worked for some of the World’s leading companies, Jimmy inherently understands that the customer is the single most valuable asset an organization can have. Driven to deliver the best product “all of the time on time “is his forte. To learn more about Jimmy, connect with him through LinkedIn or contact him at jgreaney@tungco.com.