Tungsten carbide is an important material used in dozens of industries. On a global scale, there are hundreds of buyers and sellers of this durable metal. Hopefully, this guide will help you better understand the world of metal purchasing and recycling.

Because of the high costs of mining tungsten, there is a growing market of recyclers who will buy your tungsten scrap. Of course, the list of people who will purchase tungsten scrap at a competitive price is much smaller. Currently, out of all the tungsten available for scrap purchasing, 66% of it was either used in industries across the United States or reported for recycling purposes.

So what types of tungsten scrap can you sell? There are three categories: Tungsten hard scrap, Tungsten soft scrap/sludge, and Tungsten Alloys. Here is a deeper dive into these important categories of this durable and sought-after metal:

    • Tungsten Hard Scrap — This category includes Tungsten Carbide Tri-Cones, Tungsten Carbide Trencher Tools, and Tungsten Carbide Fixed Cutter Matrix Bits.


    • Tungsten Soft Scrap/Sludge — Tungsten Powder, Tungsten Carbide Sludge, also known as Tungsten Carbide Swarf, and other forms of soft scrap.


  • Tungsten Alloys — “Tungsten” Heavy Metal, Densalloy, Mallory, Tungsten Elkonite, Pure Tungsten, Vacuum Tungsten, Tool Steels, and any other alloys that would be found within or near the Tungsten family.

But what about tungsten carbide scrap prices?

Luckily, there are companies out there that make it possible for buyers to purchase tungsten scrap at a competitive price. It’s important to work with a tungsten scrap company that focuses just as many resources into recovery and recycling as it does selling the actual scrap.

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